Abou‚Äčt Levo 

How can Levo help you?

Levo is different than a traditional physical therapy practice, offering highly specialized stabilization techniques not available in most clinics. Through identifying muscular imbalances, we help to heal the body and give you the tools to live a life of longevity.

Individual and progressive treatment 

Whether you are a professional athlete or weekend warrior, each client will be assessed and treated as an individual rather than as a "diagnosis." Each session will be hands-on with Shannon, using highly specialized manual skills. Because your body can change day by day, a muscular assessment will precede each treatment to track progress and identify remaining deficits.

Who is a good candidate for Levo?

A wide variety of populations can greatly benefit from this treatment. Shannon has had success with the following populations: active individuals with chronic back or joint pain, individuals who are seeking to avoid joint replacements, middle school and high school athletes, systemic joint disease (Rheumatoid arthritis), expecting mothers with back/SI pain, neuromuscular disorders (paraplegia, multiple sclerosis), and more. 

Unfortunately, we do not accept Medicare at this time. Post-surgical clients are encouraged to pursue traditional physical therapy first, but are great candidates for Levo when they are discharged from therapy to help avoid long-term issues.


Our top priority is always getting you healthy and back to your regular life. As your body begins to improve,and show signs of stabilization, sessions will begin to taper in frequency. A maintenance plan is strongly encouraged for injury prevention and long-term joint stability. 

What does a session look like?

Muscle Activation Technique Demonstration

This time-lapse video demonstration gives a sneak peek of what to expect during a MAT session with Shannon. It begins with a range of motion assessment, treatment of the appropriate muscles to stabilize joints, and ends with the same range of motion assessment to identify progressions after treatment.

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