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At Levo, we utilize expertise in physical therapy, Muscle Activation Technique, and yoga to provide incredible healing results. Our goal is for each body to move fluidly, optimize function, and experience life without pain.


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Levo Wellness, LLC is a practice dedicated to improving the function of the musculoskeletal system using specialized techniques from a variety of medical and wellness fields. Services include hands-on preventive and maintenance joint care, chronic and acute injury rehabilitation, neuromuscular re-education, Muscle Activation Technique and more.

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Dr. Shannon Ritchey, PT, DPT, is the owner and primary practitioner at Levo Wellness. Learn more about her multi-discplinary background.

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Our offerings range from single consultations to long-term wellness plans. Explore how our services might fit into your healing process.

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Stacey Grecian

Active mom and athlete

"Working with Shannon, I learned there were tiny muscles in my body that were not firing, causing big issues in my body. For years I had tried different avenues to help, but they never really worked, so I just gritted my teeth and fought through the pain. After one month of working with Shannon, I am feeling the best I have in YEARS!"

Sara Thorn

Active business owner

"Before I started Muscle Activation Technique with Shannon, I had been utilizing traditional physical therapy. Unfortunately, my pain kept getting worse with each session. When I finally found Shannon, I was desperate and in tears. Thanks to her knowledge, determination, and the Muscle Activation Technique she provides, I immediately able to cut back on my pain medications."

Rebecca McKeon

Nurse Anesthetist, active mom

"Prior to seeing Shannon, I had tried stretching and foam rollers, but nothing really seemed to help my sciatic issues. Shannon taught me how to use self-care to feel better, and gave me homework exercises to keep me healthy long-term. Maintenance sessions with Shannon have helped my body’s mobility, alignment, and pain control."

Riley Parker-Bucci

Spin instructor and mother of two 

"I came to Shannon a few months into my second pregnancy, because my first pregnancy had caused joint pain that greatly limited my activities. Working with Shannon, I immediately noticed a better range of motion. The intense pain was gone, I was able to walk without any sort of wincing, and I felt like my muscles were working in the right way."

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