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Stacey Grecian

Active mom and athlete

"Working with Shannon, I learned there were tiny muscles in my body that were not firing, causing big issues in my body. For years I had tried different avenues to help, but they never really worked, so I just gritted my teeth and fought through the pain. After one month of working with Shannon, I am feeling the best I have in YEARS!"

Sara Thorn

Active business owner

"Before I started Muscle Activation Technique with Shannon, I had been utilizing traditional physical therapy. Unfortunately, my pain kept getting worse with each session. When I finally found Shannon, I was desperate and in tears. Thanks to her knowledge, determination, and the Muscle Activation Technique she provides, I immediately able to cut back on my pain medications."

Rebecca McKeon

Nurse Anesthetist, active mom

"Prior to seeing Shannon, I had tried stretching and foam rollers, but nothing really seemed to help my sciatic issues. Shannon taught me how to use self-care to feel better, and gave me homework exercises to keep me healthy long-term. Maintenance sessions with Shannon have helped my body’s mobility, alignment, and pain control."

Riley Parker-Bucci

Spin instructor and mother of two 

"I came to Shannon a few months into my second pregnancy, because my first pregnancy had caused joint pain that greatly limited my activities. Working with Shannon, I immediately noticed a better range of motion. The intense pain was gone, I was able to walk without any sort of wincing, and I felt like my muscles were working in the right way."